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My name's Marcos Felipe, I'm 19 years old and brazilian. Welcome! - "Du bist hier in meinem Land!"

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In A New Hope, Luke’s all-white clothes make a stark contrast with Vader’s all-black ensemble hearkening back to the serial westerns of the 1940s and 1950s, in which the goods wore white and the bads, black. Luke’s outfits continue to emphasize his characterization in this way throughout the trilogy. In The Empire Strikes Back, when he journeys to meet Yoda or to rescue his friends on Bespin, his fatigues are a light gray, showing that he has traveled from the innocent idealism of his youth and has placed himself in peril of straying to the Dark Side. By the time we get to Return of the Jedi, he has adopted an all-black wardrobe, not meaning he has gone over to the Dark Side, but instead, recalling a priest or monk’s garb, and linking him visually to his father, with whose fate he is so deeply connected with.

the “from white to gray to black” evolution

luke saying ‘i am a jedi like my father before me’ in all-black clothes is so impoRTANT (belinsky)

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Metropolis (1927)

Metropolis (1927)

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Quentin Tarantino

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RIP Marcia Wallace (November 1, 1942 - October 25, 2013)

"I was tremendously saddened to learn this morning of the passing of the brilliant and gracious Marcia Wallace. She was beloved by all at The Simpsons, and we intend to retire her irreplacable character." - Al Jean (showrunner of The Simpsons)

RIP Mrs K.

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